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Anthony Nogues

Christian was born on 17 of January 1949 on what at the time was Monaco’s national day.

His mother was  S.A.S. Princesse Antoinette, sister of S.A.S Prince Rainier III of Monaco. His father was Tennis champion Aleco Noghes, son of the creator of the Monaco Grand Prix, Anthony Noghes. 

Christian was educated at Le Rosey, Switzerland (1958-63), Downside, England (1963-67), then Cambridge University in 1968.

Always drawn towards a life of adventure and discovery, Christian drove around Africa in an old Land Rover, worked on a tea plantation and played soccer in Umtali, Rhodesia (1970). 

The following year he drove the length of Brazil on a motorcycle.

In 1972 he began motor racing, and after reaching the finals of the prestigious “volant SHELL”, a motor racing talent competition, he was sponsored by “Marlboro” and raced in various formula cars, including the Monaco Grand Prix in 1973.

He had a narrow escape in 1977 when he survived a 150 meters skid on a waterlogged highway upside down in his Ferrari. 


Intricately involved in the social life of what was at the time the golden years of Monte Carlo. He was asked in 1979 to set up in New York the US branch of the “Societe des bains de mer”,
Monaco’s dominant state controlled leisure and Casino Group.

While in New York, he auditioned for the “American Academy of Dramatic Arts”and was admitted to this venerable institution.

In1998 he launched the first mail order company in what was then the Eastern block. After selling out at a profit, he returned to racing competing at “Le Mans” in a Venturi.

He then acquired a “Honda Goldwing” and drove all around Canada and the USA.

He was a judge for the Miss Colombia pageant in 2000. In 2007 he trekked from Cusco to Machu Picchu in Peru then navigated the Peruvian Amazon in a canoe. 

With his extensive knowledge of Latin America, Monaco appointed him in 2009 Counsellor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and special envoy to the Caribbean and Latin America.
The following year he became Economics Attache at the Monaco embassy in Washington DC.

Prince Albert then conferred on him by Sovereign ordinance N•7891 the Title born by his Late mother making him the 33rd Baron de Massy.

He suffered a major motorcycle accident in 2017 on a BMW GS 1200 he planned to ride from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Before setting off on the road again, he founded a company developing and marketing luxury brands.

He sold it successfully and set off with his son driving to Prudhoe Bay on the northern tip of Alaska in a Chevrolet pick-up truck. 

In 2019 he made it to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego the southernmost tip of the hemisphere and back driving a Land Rover.

After this long South American road trip Christian returned to Monaco and Spain to prepare for his next big challenge and undoubtedly his most ambitious to date, to become the oldest person to journey around the world solo on a motorcycle.